How to sterilize Neurotherm RF Electrodes:

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RF electrodes in a sterilization tray

How to Sterilize reusable Neurotherm RF probes (RF electrodes).

When Neurotherm reusable electrodes, Test Leads, and Stimulation Test Blocks are used they must be sterilized by autoclaving to the instructions provided by the autoclave manufacturer’s recommended sterilization procedure.

If in doubt, the sterilizer or autoclave manufacturer should be consulted for a recommendation of loading instructions and drying times.

Steam (Moist Heat). Quality of steam should be in accordance with the requirements of HTM2031 “Steam for Sterilization”. Wrapped (Porous Load) fractionated and pulse cycles.

Autoclave temperatures should be:- Pre-vacuum 1340 to 1370C (2740 – 2790F) for a minimum of 3 minutes. Do not use a gravity system processing for wrapped instruments.

When sterilizing unwrapped RF electrodes. The temperature range in each case should be:- 1340 – 1370C for a minimum of 3.5 minutes. Gravity displacement should also be 1340 – 1370C for a minimum of 3.5 minutes.

Ensure that any RFA probe cable does not contact the metal housing of the autoclave or other metal instruments during the sterilization cycle, as this may reduce the effective life of the radiofrequency electrode.

RF needles (RF cannula) and disposable RF probes are supplied sterilized, double wrapped and for single patient use only. It goes without saying, the disposable one-time radiofrequency probes and RF cannula can not be autoclaved or reused.

It is recommended that disposable Neurotherm radiofrequency electrodes (radiofrequency probes) should be used when possible, for added safety of the patient and members of the hospital staff. The downside to this is the cost of the disposable RF electrode.

Note: It is advised that autoclaves and other sterilization equipment should have validation certification and performance qualification tests undertaken of their process cycles for efficient processing.

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