Can I add movements to my pain management c-arm table?

O.R. Support gets this question a lot. We are often asked if we can add one or more motorized movements to a physician’s pain management c-arm table. This question normally happens after the pain management doctor has attended a cadaver injection workshop where one of the instructors showed them a new way to do an injection or a faster way to perform some other pain management procedure.

There are 5 standard motorized pain management table movements:

  • Height adjustment
  • Lateral tilt
  • Trendelenburg – Reverse Trendelenburg (most physicians count that as one movement)
  • Extend retract (sometimes called head to toe or X motion)
  • Side to side slide (Y motion)

Other c-arm table movements:

  • Four-way free float (manual movement – mostly used for vascular procedures)
  • Four-way motorized float (a combination of X and Y motions)
  • Fowler back (a backrest that raises up to 90 degrees)

The good news is yes you can upgrade your current used c-arm table. The price just depends on the brand and type of surgical imaging c-arm table you have. If you have one of the modular PMT 8000 c-arm tables, then it is easy. The factory just sends in a factory trained c-arm table service engineer and they will add motors, pivot points and sometimes linear rails for head to foot movement or side to side slide and you are back up and running (It seems like there should be a good pain management pun here. If you think of one send us a note and we will insert it here and give you credit) ..anyway…it normally takes 1-3 hours. Not very long at all.

Other brands of c-arm imaging tables:

Your pain management c-arm table is never obsolete. O.R. Support is can upgrade any of your PMT 8000 series surgical imaging tables in the field in just a few hours. We can even upgrade your PMT 8000 fixed height table to have motorized movements. We can repair and upgrade other models of c-arm tables as well.

  • Oakworks
  • Surgical Tables International (STI)
  • Biodex
  • Morgan Medesign
  • Medstone
  • Acoma
  • Stryker
  • Stille
  • Steris

If you have one of these other brands of c-arm tables or pain management tables just give O.R. Support a call or send a text to 858-336-1377 or contact us by email at

We are open 24 hours a day seven days a week. We will be glad to help you with any of your equipment sales or service needs.

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