How much does a c-arm table cost?

How much does a new or used c-arm table cost?

Short answer:

For a good used c-arm table that is height adjustable, with one 1-3 movements like lateral tilt, or Trendelenburg:

$3,000 to $5,500.

For a new  Fluoroscopy table (pain management c-arm table) – We will talk about mobile Vascular imaging tables and, mobile c-arm urology tables in a minute.

1-Movement: $8,500 – $11,000

2-Movements: $9,500 – $12,000

3-Movements: $10,500 – $13,000

4-Movements: $13,500 – $16,000

5-Movements: $17,500 – $22,000

Float-Top c-arm tables: $18,900 – $52,000

We know, you’re waiting to hear the answer:  How much have you got?  But seriously, the answer is, What do you need it to do? New c-arm tables range in price from $5,500 to $$55,000, and the price depends on the type of c-arm table, Vascular table, Urology table, pain management table, and the number and types of movements you need.  The more movements, the more it’s going to cost . Also some movements cost more than others. Four-way free float – mostly found on vascular tables is the most expensive.  The motorized head-to-foot movement, found mostly on higher-end c-arm tables for pain management and top of the line urology tables is the second most expensive movement. This is because there are very expensive linear

Okay, so that’s the general answer. Now let’s try to help you understand the wide range of movements you can buy. Remember, the best guide for how much you should expect to pay is the number of movements the table is capable of.

The Movements

  • At the top of the movement, range are vascular float-top tables, which are hand-controlled for precision and speed and can be positioned in all the five possible ways – height, lateral tilt, Trendelenburg, longitudinal travel, and lateral travel.
  • The motorized 5-movement table offers all the positions as the float-top table.
  • Next, are the 4-movement tables, offering height, lateral tilt, Trendelenburg, and longitudinal travel.
  • In the middle of the spectrum are the three-level tables, adjustable for height, lateral tilt, and Trendelenburg.
  • Just above the most simple table is the two-level model, offering height and lateral tilt;
  • The most basic unit offers only height movement.

The Prices

The general price ranges for C-Arm tables based on the number of movements are listed below;

The delta (difference) in the range of prices for each segment can be attributed to:

The quality of the table – For instance, some cheap pain management c-arm tables don’t go very low, forcing pain management patients who are in pain and probably on heavy-duty pain medicine to have to step-up on a footstool turn around and sit down. This is obviously not safe and falls do occur sometimes injuring the patient and medical staff that may have been helping a patient on to or off of the table. If you think a c-arm table is just a c-arm table and it really doesn’t matter here is the big safety reason that will make for fell better about spending more money than some of the older used c-arm tables that probably only go down to 30 inches or so. Some of the better-designed fluoroscopy tables the like the PMT 8000H go lower “22 inches” than other  imaging tables with the same number of movements. the age of the unit. Prices can also be affected by bariatric certification (1,000-pound capacity) and accessories such as arm boards, side rails, and stirrups.


Is it smart to buy a used c-arm table?  Not an easy question to answer, because reliable used c-arm tables can be hard to find: There aren’t a lot of good c-arm compatible, medical imaging tables on the secondary market because physicians tend to hang onto them, even when they upgrade the c-arms, as they sometimes do. Besides, there have been a large number of c-arm table manufacturers over the years, and a significant percentage of them are no longer in business, so parts and support may have dwindled or disappeared.

But we don’t mean to discourage you. Despite the drawbacks, it’s still possible to find a good deal in a used pain management C-arm table, vascular imaging table or mobile urology surgical imaging table.: look for demo units or even, sometimes, late models. (But be careful: in cases like these, you may want to do a little homework before buying.) O.R. Support has a wide range of new and used C-arm tables, and we promise to help you do your homework!