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RF Generators sometimes called radiofrequency generators or RFA machines can cost as little as $1,500 or as high as $35,000. Sometimes even more. I have even seen companies give them away for free if the pain management physician is buying a large number of spinal cord stimulators on a regular basis. That doesn’t happen very often, but at least on deal seems to be mentioned at many if not most of the workshops around the country.

The single RF output (single Lead) radiofrequency generators are the least expensive RFA machines available. They typically cost between $2,000 and $5,500. The only single output pain management radiofrequency generators on the market today will be used or recertified models.

The 3 lead spinal RF generators (yes, you are right, 2 channel RF machines were never made), anyway 3 channel radiofrequency generators normally cost between $6500 to about $9,000. And yes you guessed it, the 3 electrode RFA machines are no longer being made either.

There are several 4 lead radiofrequency pain management RF generators available, in both new and used models. Prices for these top of the line RF generators run from about $9,000 for a basic used model up to and over the $35,000 high dollar mark.

When you are looking to buy an RF generator for pain management many things can affect the price greatly:

  • How many RF electrodes you are getting with it?
  • Are the RF probes Stainless Steel or Nitinol? Nitinol probes are can be as much as twice as expensive as the Stainless Steel Electrodes.
  • Sometimes even the size of the RF probes and make a difference in price.
  • “just a note” you can almost always get RF electrodes thrown in for free or at a much lower cost when you buy the RFA machine. I have seen pain management centers save over $20,000 in one year by buying their estimated yearly need for probes with the purchase of their RF Generator.
  • Is there any training included?
    • If so for how long?
    • Is the RF generator training going to be over 1 day or multiple days?
    • Is it going to be onsite radiofrequency generator training or online or just over the phone?
  • How long is the warranty on the generator?
  • What is the warranty on the radiofrequency probes?
  • Are the probes:
    • New
    • Demo
    • Recertified
    • Used?
  • What brand of electrodes are they including?
  • If you are buying a c-arm, ultrasound machine, pain management c-arm table or autoclave at the same time. A package deal can save you thousands.

The most popular pain management RF generator changes month to month, but it is usually either the Stryker Multigen radiofrequency generator or the Cosman G4 RF generator. They are both 4 lead systems, (some RF generator manufacturers call them 4 lead, 4 channel, 4 RF output, you get the idea). The Halyard pain management RF generator and the Neurotherm NT2000 radiofrequency generators are also very popular.

Here is a list of single lead RF Generators:

Single lead (or single channel) RF Generators are great for pain management physicians that are not looking to treat multiple sites concurrently. They also can be great choices for startup pain practices, second offices, or surgery centers that only do radiofrequency pain procedures a few times a week.

There are quite a few choices if you’re looking for an inexpensive Pain Management RF generator. Normally those choices would start with one of the single channel radiofrequency generators. Basically, that means that you will only be able to treat one site at a time, or another way to put it is that the RF generator will only power one RF electrode at a time. Click on the following link to see a list of single lead RF generators.
You may also be interested in looking at the least expensive 3 lead RF generators, or inexpensive 4 lead RF generators.

Here is a list of RF generators with 4 channels.

  • Stryker Multigen RF Generator
  • Neurotherm NT2000 RFA Generator
  • Halyard Pain Management RF Generator
  • Baylis Radiofrequency Generator
  • Kimberly Clark Lesion Generator
  • Cosman G4 RF Generator

There are two 3 electrode output RF generators for pain management on the market:

There are also single lead RF machines and 4 lead radiofrequency generators available.

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