When you purchase any of our C-arms, Ultrasound Machines, Vascular Tables or other C-arm Tables, it is just the start of a long-lasting relationship between you and OR Support. You can contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer questions, get training, product quotes, or (in those rare cases) emergency service. There will always be someone from our support staff to help you with anything you need any time you need it.

So, whether you are planning your next office, next equipment purchase, or your next grand adventure, we can offer information, experience, and advice that might help you make a more informed decision. We have engineers that have built cutting edge medical imaging technology Please reach out to us by phone or text at 858-336-1377 or email us at support@orsupport.com if you have questions about medical equipment, training, financing, or just want to ask any of us about any of the crazy things to do and the best place to do them. We will respond immediately.

Until then, we have included a list of questions we’re most commonly asked, and hopefully, some helpful answers.