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Reusable and Disposable RF Electrodes  RF Probes) for Sale  | Reusable & Disposable Radiofrequency Probes | New & Used Radiofrequency Electrodes available.

RF probes for sale at below dealer pricing. Reusable radiofrequency electrodes & disposable RF probes are available for overnight delivery. RF needles and RF generator grounding pads and grounding cables are also available at a steep discount.

RF Electrodes Are Available For These RF Generators:

  • Neurotherm  RF Generators
  • Cosman G4 Radiofrequency Generator
  • Stryker Multigen-1
  • Stryker Multigen-2 
  • Baylis Pain Management RF Generators 
  • Medtronic RF Generators
  • Halyard PMG 115 RF Generators
  • St. Jude Medical RFA Generators
  • Kimberly Clark RF Generators
  • Abbott Radiofrequency Ablation Generators
  • Avanos  Radiofrequency Generators
  • Smith & Nephew RF Ablation Generators 
  • Diros Technology RFA Generators
  • Radionics RFA Machines