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Largest inventory of used and refurbished c-arms including GEOEC, Siemens, Ziehm, Philips, Hologic, Fluoroscan, Genoray, and SkanRay.

We have full-size c-arms, compact c-arms and mini c-arms for sale.

Most c-arms are available for immediate delivery, with warranties up to 5 years long.

The C-arms shown below represent just a small fraction of the mobile fluoroscopy systems that we have available.

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  • 9-Inch Tri-Mode Image Intensifier
  • Super C
  • 55 Degree Overscan
  • 1K x 1K High-Resolution Imaging Chain
  • 18-Inch Flat Panel Monitors
  • 1000 Image Storage
  • 40 to 120 kVp
  • Up to 75mA

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  • C-arm with motorized movements
  • 9/6/4 inch Tri-mode Image Intensifier
  • 12/9/6 inch tri-mode Image Intensifier (option)
  • 1k by1k High definition imaging chain
  • A fast but safe 9 degree per second movement in almost any direction
  • Table mounted remote control
  • Flat Panel Monitors
  • Touch screen control
  • II detection bumper

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  • 9 inch tri-mode image intensifier
  • Super C
  • 148 degree orbital rotation
  • 55 degree overscan
  • 33 inch depth in arc
  • 31 inch free space
  • 1K x 1K high-resolution imaging with preset imaging profiles
  • Dual 16 inch high-resolution CRT monitors
  • Flat Panel Monitors (option)

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  • 9 inch or 12 inch tri-mode image intensifier
  • Super C option
  • 1K x 1K high resolution imaging with preset imaging profiles
  • Dual 16 inch high resolution monitors

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  • Used GE-OEC 9600 C-arm
  • 9/6/4 inch Tri-mode Image Intensifier
  • Super C
  • 55 Degrees overscan
  • High-resolution digital imaging chain
  • 16 inch dual monitors

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  • Tri-Mode 9"/6"/4.5" Image Intensifier
  • Workstation with Dual 16" Square, Flicker-Free Monitors
  • 20-Inch Flat Panel Monitor Upgrade (Option)
  • 200 image storage with LIH (last image hold)
  • High-resolution CCD camera

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  • Dual 9″/6″ Image Intensifier
  • kV Range: 40kV to 110kV
  • Fluoro Range: 0.2 mA to 8.9 mA
  • Dual Monitors
  • 200 Image Storage
  • Surgical Package
  • Digital Image Rotation
  • Image Collage
  • Dose-Area Product Display
  • Color Coding
  • 130-Degree Over-Scan
  • Auto Window Imaging

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Pre-Owned Ziehm Solo C-Arm

  • Single unit compact design for space limited procedure rooms
  • 9 inch/6 inch/4 inch Image Intensifier
  • 45 degrees of overscan
  • 1K x 1K imaging chain
  • Touchscreen user interface
  • 29.9-inch C-arm opening
  • 24 inch high-resolution and high-brightness split screen monitor

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  • ZIEHM Compact C-arm
  • No Monitor Cart
  • Small Footprint
  • Easy to Move
  • Tri-mode 9/6/4 Image intensifier
  • Stationary anode X-ray tube
  • Integrated 18.1-inch High-Resolution Flat Panel Monitors

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  • Ziehm Vista Mobile C-arm
  • Full Frame imaging technology
  • CCD Camera able to detect over 4,000 shades of gray
  • Dual 18.1" Flat Panel Monitors
  • 9 Inch Image Intensifier
  • Patient-Friendly Fluoroscopy (lowest possible dosage)
  • Free-floating mobility & fully-counter-balanced C-arm movements
  • 1000 Image Storage and Hardcopy

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  • 6/4 image intensifier
  • Dual 1K x 1K monitors
  • Touch Screen
  • Footswitch
  • Owners Manuals

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Skanray Skan-c C-arm

  • Compact mobile c-arm
  • Minimum radiation exposure
  • Multi-Mode functionality (Continous, Pulse, DSA Vascular)
  • Auto-technique for consistent image under varying densities.
  • User friendly interface.
  • 1k x 1k Imaging Chain
  • 40 Degrees Overscan
  • Dual High Definition LED Monitors
  • Small footprint
  • 100,000 image storage

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Want to sell your OEC 9400 c-arm? We will buy your OEC c-arm.

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We will take GE-OEC 9000 c-arms in on trade.

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We take OEC DXR-10 c-arms in on trade towards a newer c-arm.

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Want to sell your OEC c-arm? Give us a call.

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The OEC 902 C-arm is no longer supported by GE-OEC

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The OEC 901 C-arm is no longer supported by GE-OEC

C-arms Reviews and FAQs


The GE-OEC 9900 is by far the most popular C-arm in the United States. Most surveys show that 7 out of 10 mobile C-arms in use in the US are GE-OEC C-arms.  Research from MD Buyline shows the GE-OEC has a 71% market share. In the general surgery and orthopedic  segments, GE_OEC c-arms market share rises to almost 90% and is around 80% in the vascular market segment.* http://www3.gehealthcare.com


Siemens has several c-arms that they currently sell. They  have about 11% of the overall mobile c-arm market, but have a much higher share of the 3D and Flat panel segments.* https://usa.healthcare.siemens.com

Philips Healthcare

Philips has about 6% of the overall mobile fluoro market, close to 60% in the flat panel c-arm segment. https://www.usa.philips.com/healthcare/


The C-arm company https://www.ziehm.com/us


Continues to raise the bar for high-quality fluoroscopy imaging. http://www.hologic.com


Medtronic does not really sell a c-arm, but does have a mobile fluoroscopic system called an O-arm. It is a 3D fluoroscopic system and they lead that market with around 80%. That puts them in the #3 position for overall mobile fluoro market share with 8%. http://www.medtronic.com/us-en/index.html


Orthoscan's tagline "The Leader in Mini C-Arm Imaging" might be true. Their website states that they have the largest flat panel detector of any mini c-arm. They also have three different mini c-arms in the offering, but with OEC's new mini C-arm coming out and the well known Mini C-arm sold by Fluoroscan-Hologic their competitors may argue the point. https://www.orthoscan.com/ Orthoscan currently has three models of mini c-arms for sale. The Mobile DI, the FD Pulse, and the FD OR mobile fluoroscopy systems.


A  newcomer to the US mobile C-arm market, Skanray intends to make a big push in 2018 with 2 different c-arm systems.  Not a lot of details are currently available but I will keep updating this blog throughout the year as new models are released by Skanray as well as GE-OEC if the rumors from the RSNA (http://www.rsna.org/) are to be believed. Skanray’s current best selling c-arm is the Skan C. http://www.skanray.com/


The top of the line Gemss c-arm is the Comed KMC 950 www.comedusa.com/carms/


Genoray’s top-selling C-arm is the Zen 7000 http://www.genorayamerica.com/


 https://www.mdbuyline.com ** https://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/fluoroscopy-mobile-c-arm.html