What c-arm tables have the lowest minimum height?

C-arm table graphic showing lowest minimum height

C-arm tables that go low enough can prevent injury to patients and staff.

Medical practices and surgery centers that offer pain management procedures typically have patients that are at high risk for falling. They often are elderly, morbidly obese, on strong pain medications and unstable. Getting them on and off of a pain management table can be difficult if the patient needs to step up on a stepstool, turn around and sit down to get on the table. Even when medical staff are present and assisting the patient during this procedure, falls can, and have occurred, with staff also being injured a significant percentage of the time when falls occur.

Pain management facilities may choose to use stretchers to bring patients into the procedure room, moving the patients directly from the stretcher to the table, but this option is impossible for many facilities to implement. It is not uncommon for many older model imaging tables to only go down to 30 or even 32 inches requiring the patient to use a step stool. The most common solution to this problem is to trade in the older fluoroscopic table towards one of the newer low-minimum-height fluoro tables. A few of newer imaging tables can go as low as 22 inches eliminating the need for a step stool. Most notably the PMT 8000 pain management table series, and the Oakworks CFPM100 C-arm table.

Prices for new tables with a 50-month parts and labor warranty can be a low as $5400.